Saturday, July 4, 2009

Preamble: This post is dated on Saturday, when I uploaded it but is a synopsis of Friday's work.

After Wednesday and Thursday work days that I missed, and because today was a Holiday for several of us, a full complement of folks helped to get a lot done today! It came up a rain in the afternoon but we waited it out and worked a little longer. What dedication! (You should have seen the 6 of us nestled on the front porch trying to stay dry. After the fact, someone suggested that we should have seen how many us could have crammed into the VW Beetle. Ah, shades of the '60s!)

Today saw another new face at our Ministry Project. My oldest daughter, Erin, worked all day with us and, together with Mary Alyce we formed the "Girl Power" Crew. I missed the pink dress code for the day, however, I am the owner of the pink power cord, remember! With Frank doing the cutting and the 3 of us putting up the lap siding, we almost got all of the front finished... a few more boards and then over the garage and we'll be done.

Kelvin, Russell, Superintendent Ed and Ken worked on the panel siding and now their only remaining work is a piece behind the electrical service (meter) and about a third of the long, right side wall where we began this entire project.

With a good push tomorrow, we should be pretty close to finishing, still with a goal of being completely done after next Saturday.

Food Service today was complements of Karen and grandkids who provided us each with a footlong sub from Subway. AND, she brought cookies! Thank you Karen for helping us out. As you have read in other posts, we look forward to the lunch time, earlier and earlier each day, I might add!

Our biblical reference comes to us today from Erin and provided by one of the resident dogs, Taylor. Now Taylor loves to escape the confines of the house and/or back yard and tear off down the street and enjoy her time of 'freedom'. Today, she ran off, had her 'time on the town', and then came dragging back to the house all hot and ready to go back inside to the air conditioning. Thanks to Erin, Taylor is now known as the Prodigal Dog. She always thinks things are better down the street but realizes, after her riotous living away, that things are not so bad at home after all. I'm always amazed, when I shouldn't be, at the ways God teaches us!

Superintendent Ed was teased and complemented all in one fell swoop by his oldest daughter's comments to a recent blog post. (By the way, you can comment on any of the posts and can read any of the comments, by clicking on comments at the end of each post.) Anyway, he wanted to show her how hard he works and how much he sweats (WE all know and you, the readers can only imagine) by ringing the sweat out of his headband. As we all can see from one of today's photos, he's a very prolific 'sweater'.

We all have been so supportive of each other and, despite the good-natured teasing that takes place, all work well together. There is a photo from today that shows 4 of us (the Girl Power crew) all working together to put up a piece of lap siding 12 13/16 in. long! How many church members does it take to...... I'm going to guess, several!

Frank incriminated himself today by pointing to the back of a piece of siding that he cut, that required a REcut. That's his finger in the photo pointing to the line where he was supposed to cut... and obviously didn't. At least it wasn't too short, Frank. You can always take a little more off but it's kind of hard to put it back on!!!!

We'll be back at it tomorrow, Independence Day, at 8:00 a.m. Have a safe and happy 4th.

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